Northern Beaches Counselling & Psychology

Relationship counselling and psychology for individuals and couples located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney is provided by me, Felicity Gendun. I have close to a decade of experience as a psychologist, relationship counsellor and Gestalt therapist. I have helped countless individuals and couples create loving, healthy and nurturing relationships.

My office is located conveniently at Warriewood Rd, Warriewood NSW, 2102. (Street number provided upon booking).

If you would like to make an appointment for relationship counselling, marriage counselling or couples therapy in the Northern Beaches or Warriewood region, please call me on 0438 184 727 or visit my website.


I am a registered psychologist and you may be eligible for Medicare and/or private health fund rebates. I also offer on-the-spot claiming of rebates through HICAPS. 

I am dedicated to collaboratively working with you to help find the resources within, that may help resolve conflicts and create satisfying and healthy relationships with yourself and others. Due to your circumstance, it may be difficult to access those resources alone and you may need the help of a caring and committed therapist.

Working with compassion and promoting awareness, together we explore your inner processes, and observe your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. We begin to see the ways you get stuck in fixed patterns about yourself that get in the way of you leading a satisfying and healthy life. I help you to investigate and uncover how these patterns are still active and affecting your life and assist you to find new and more creative ways to resolve the problem or crisis you are facing and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Relationship counselling can help you to:

  • clarify your experiences and issues with your partner
  • deal with underlying emotions and causes of conflict
  • discover how you hold yourself back in your relationships
  • learn more authentic ways of relating to yourself and others
  • increase spontaneity and creativity in your marriage
  • assist you to move your relationships in a direction that is more meaningful and satisfying to you
  • find greater depth and meaning in your relationships

Relationship counselling does make a difference

You bring your own unique ideas, values, opinions and personal history into your relationships and they may not always match your partner’s. Differences can cause distress creating undue, tension, sadness, worry, fear and other problems. How do you come to appreciate the differences in others, be yourself and also be with others at the same time? I work with couples helping you deal with differences to create happier more satisfying relationships.

Are you ready to create a great relationship?

If you would like to speak with me first, call me on 0438 184 727 or visit my website.