About Judy

NSW South Coast Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Gestalt Therapist

I am a psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist and Clinical Psychologist who have been working with people since 1979. Since childhood I have been and am still fascinated by how people ‘tick’ and what make them who they are. I am interested in how they think, what they see in life and how they make sense of things. Coming from a different cultural background and having to deal with being uprooted, displaced, disrupted and marginalised twice across cultures while growing up have fuelled my interest in working with people to overcome their difficulties in life and restore hope.

 My  relationship counselling philosophy:

I believe that no two couples are the same and each couple brings an uniqueness to their circumstances and I value this in my work with you. My approach is to use my experience and training to guide me in tailoring solutions to fit your circumstances.

I also see my role as an “enabler” in working with you. I may “enable” or create a space where you can have a voice, or can genuinely hear each other clearer, or communicate more meaningfully; or I may “enable” a different way of thinking about things from you. I may “enable” changes through direct challenges, or by being a “traffic controller” to deal with volatile situations. I may even be provocative to “enable” you to question your assumptions and conclusions about relationship and life.

Sometimes I may give you straight answers, and other times I may enable you to come up with your own. Success is dependent on the contribution by all of us.

My psychology and counselling background and experience:

I completed my undergraduate degree as a psychologist when I was in my early twenties and began my working life in 1979. During this time I discovered experiential therapies which transformed my life and gave me peace and joy. I was hooked and immersed myself in training in one branch of the experiential training: Gestalt therapy. In 1987 I became part of the teaching faculty in Gestalt therapy in the Illawarra. This eventually led to a co-directorship with Dr. Mike Reed of Gestalt Practitioners Training Sydney (2004 -2008).

Professionally, I “cut my teeth” as a psychologist working for several years in the Drug and Alcohol area, then in the area of Child and Family. I also took many other forms of training such as hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), psychodynamic psychotherapies, family and couple therapy and play therapy. When I began my own family in the late 1980’s I started working privately.

In my 40th year and after my youngest child had started school, I took on the challenge of completing a doctorate in psychology, which I eventually gained in 2004. It was in the area of neuropsychology as I was fascinated with how the brain works and how we can change the wiring of our brain through therapy. I enjoyed the training as it challenged and sharpened my thinking and extended my intellectual capacity.

Through the many years of working I have delivered workshops and seminars nationally and internationally, as well as supervised the work of other practitioners and psychologists. I have also provided training to practitioners and psychologists to become supervisors for other therapists. I have published papers in various areas of clinical work.

I am happy to use my many years of experience and training to guide you with what works.

Professional Memberships

Clinical member of GANZ

Member of the APS (The Australian Psychological Society)

Member of the College of Clinical Psychologists

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