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Dr Judy Leung Provides Psychology Services and Relationship Counselling in the Illawarra, NSW South Coast

Psychology and relationship counselling for individuals and couples is provided by me, Dr Judy Leung.  I have over 32 years experience as a relationship counsellor and Gestalt therapist. I’ve  helped countless individuals and couples create loving, healthy and nurturing relationships.

Dr Judy Leung Psychologist and Relationship Counsellor

Dr Judy Leung

I operate from my office on the south coast of NSW located conveniently in Gerringong in the Illawarra region.

Relationship as the Cornerstone of Life

Being in relationships is an integral and fundamental part of living for all of us, and this is not limited to intimate relationships but extend to all types of contacts. We are constantly in a fluid and dynamic relationship with those around us and with our environment. Hence, we ‘do’ relationships whether we like it or not.  Relationship skills thus become fundamental to life.

In order to maximise our functioning in the world and have our needs met, as much as possible we need to get “skilled up” to get these essential interpersonal relationships right. This is one area that I can be of help to you and can be done on a one-to-one basis.

Many people find the following useful to explore:

  • How does who I am in life influence the relationship others have with me and I with them?
  • How do I establish contact and connections with another?
  • How do I sustain these connections/friendships?
  • What is the message I give to others through the way I dress, speak, interact and behave?
  •  Am I giving the right signals or messages to others?
  • How do I move a connection/friendship to a deeper level?
  • What do I do when difficulties or problems occur in the connection/friendship?

Your Intimate Relationship with Another

The other type of relationship that most of us crave for and want is a personal, intimate, exclusive and long-term relationship with another. Intimate relationships (exclusive and sometimes non-exclusive) are one of the hardest things we can do in our lives as they are fraught with challenges and difficulties. When things are running smoothly our experience can be exhilarating. When they are not we can be literally taken to the edge of our tolerance and sanity.

We all go through rough patches and trying times in our relationship and during really tough times we can do with an external helping hand to help us pull things together again. Common issues such as becoming too familiar with each other and loosing the gloss of the relationship, numerous stressors happening at once straining the relationship, a major crisis or health issue has occurred with one partner, constant disagreement and bickering, etc., can quickly escalate into major conflicts and difficulties that may threaten to fracture our relationship.

Many relationships can be saved and disaster averted if help is available. It has been shown that the earlier the intervention, the more likely is a good outcome when things get tough. Some people leave it until the very end to seek help but often by then “the horse has bolted”. So don’t leave it until its too late, help is available.

In relationship counselling, I work with you as a couple to achieve change and the following are areas many people find useful to seek help with:

  • Pre-relationship contracting.
  • Contracting during relationship.
  • How to ride the highs and lows of relationship.
  • Rules for fighting.
  • Knowing what make you and your spouse tick.
  • Knowing the ingredients for a healthy relationship
  • How to maximise your current relationship
  • Revitalising and rejuvenating your relationship
  • Changing, renegotiating and transforming your present relationship
  • Dealing with “ex”s and exorcising the ghosts of past relationships
  • Dealing with extra-marital affairs
  • Dealing with aggression, abuse and violence
  • Knowing when ‘enough’ is truly enough
  • Coming to the end and saying goodbyes
  • Forming closures and moving on
  • Splitting your finances and assets
  • Sharing your kids and planning for their future

Are you ready to create a great relationship?

If you think I can help you, please call me on 0421 106 784

for an appointment. For all other information please email me.