How to Inject Romance to Increase Your Relationship Intimacy

So, your love has already said “Yes”, and that sweet three-letter word makes the two of you a couple. We all know that good communication is the structure of an long-lasting relationship. But aside from that, there are other elements that must be integrated to form an enduring bond.

Whether bound by a ring or just being partners, good relationship intimacy is also a very important factor to sustain a healthy relationship. How do you do that? Follow these helpful tips below on how to inject romance to increase the relationship intimacy with your beloved.

1Notice your partner

Everybody loves attention, but nothing beats to be noticed by your dearest one. Tell your partner how adorable she looks at the moment. Compliment his hair, scent, and everything that makes him up. If she cooks food for you, tell her that the meal drove your taste buds crazy.

The small everyday acknowledging of each other builds your emotional bank account, an increases the overall goodwill and intimacy between you and your partner.

2. Talk to your partner

Good communication is always needed in order to start or improve your relationship.  This doesn’t imply that you discuss with each other how deep your romantic feelings are everyday. However, taking a moment to connect with your partner when you get home from work can make a big difference to your evening together.

Sometimes, when couples are in their comfort zone, conversations become dull and empty. When you’re not together, send him/her sweet messages. This simple act can keep your mate thinking about you for the rest of the day.

3.  Set up your surroundings for romance

Set the romantic mood by lighting aromatic candles up, playing sensual music, and changing the bed with clean sheets. Setting the scene is important. Remember that the excitement doesn’t always start at the bedroom. It might be in the living room, kitchen, or even in the garden.

4. Use aphrodisiacs

For those who don’t know what aphrodisiacs are, these are substances that increase sexual libido, also a contributing factor to relationship intimacy. Chocolates are a great example. According to scientific studies, chocolates contain a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA), which produces sexual arousal when released in the brain. Although debatable, some people consider other common aphrodisiacs as oysters, artichoke, and lettuce.

5. Making contact

The first few steps are intended to connect with your partner emotionally, and now’s the time for “friction”.

Start by giving him/her a massage. This produces oxytocin, a hormone that induces feeling of security and contentment between you. Also, touching without sex also helps create a deeper bonding between couples. Couples intimacy doesn’t always have to include sex.

Start by maintaining good eye contact with your partner.  Keeping your eyes on your partner during sex also shows that your attention is solely focused on him/her and is a simple way to increase the emotional closeness you experience while being physically connected.

What tips do you have to increase the romance and intimacy in your relationship? Add your comments below.